panorama from Blowing Rock

This weekend's adventure included a short drive into the Blue Ridge mountains to take in Blowing Rock, some and the Blue Ridge Parkway and an attempt at Grandfather Mountain.

Our first stop was to the Blowing Rock. This was fun little stop to see a cliff that overhangs the river gorge 3000 feet down and the rocky walls of the gorge creates a phenomenon with the wind that sweeps so forcefully that it returns light objects that are cast over the void.  We told the girls about this and they really wanted to try it.  However, today, to call the gentle breeze a "wind" would be a gross exageration. Kenz kept picking up things and asking "Will this one blow back?" 🤣
family selfyWhen we got to the rock, I climbed up to the top of it (it's not all that big).  Kenz came right up behind me, but was a little nervous.  And rightfully so, it is a sheer drop-off just past where I'm standing.  Paige wasn't so sure.
Paige took a little more encouragemant, but eventually, she joined me as well.
It is a very pretty area!
After that it was a little shopping through the town of Blowing Rock while we waited for our table at the Blowing Rock Brewery Ale House for lunch. Very small menu but good beer.  Unfortunatly, Kenz's knee started hurting while we were walking around.  After lunch, we got her some Tylenol and hoped it would kick in while we drove.
Speaking of driving, here's why you don't blindly follow your GPS
I assure you, the GPS showed the road continuing there.
Anyway, on to Grandfather Mountain State Park.  Such a pretty drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Unfortunately we didn’t get to go into the park because as we exited the Parkway we saw signs that said admission was by reservation only. Guess we’ll just have to make a reservation and another trip. 🙂

Since our attempt to see Grandfather Mountain was a bust we decided to stop at a few of the Scenic Overlooks along the Parkway on our way back to Blowing Rock and home. One overlook had a short half mile trail we hiked to see a beautiful, rocky mountain stream. We had a great time walking along it and at a couple points, down onto the rocks in the stream.  Kenz had a slight mishap and hurt her knee, but that's for a different post for a different site. 

When we got back to the parking area, there was another large rock.  Without thinking, I climbed up to sit at the top.  Well, that immediatly meant that both girls wanted to come up too.  Paige was able to get there.  However, Mackenzie just couldn't do it whith her knee acting up.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  But she didn't want to give in!  She's a fighter!

All in all, it was a great day!


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